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Kids Birthday Parties - Your little babies are growing up!

Kids Birthdays are always exciting. Not only for the little birthday boy or girl, but also for the parents who try to make their favourite's birthday as beautiful as possible.

The more colorful and crazier the better

You can decorate the party in all the colours of the rainbow. Or, you can also ask your child if they want to celebrate with a special theme! Characters from children's shows or books usually make the list! Some classics include brave pirates, knights, beautiful princesses and cute & cuddly animals.

Fun & Games all day!

Depending on the theme, fun party games can also be organised, such as a sack race, an egg and spoon race and the famous treasure hunt. Also, piñatas are a big party hit amongst the kids because they have a big surprise inside! The colourful waterfall of sweets will definitely fascinate your little party guests.

Now it has also become common practice to hand out small party favors to the party guests at the end of the birthday party! These usually include a mixture of sweets, puzzles and games, etc. To help you with this, we have a collection of gift bags at Party365! Lastly, another important item - Children find balloons incredibly fascinating! There is so much variety to choose from, be it foil, latex or numberedballoons! We're sure you cam come up with the best ideas to set up a great birthday party with decorations such as:

  • cake candles,
  • garlands,
  • banners,
  • table fountains and other items!

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