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Not many people can make it through everyday life without the support of others. We often overlook the fact that help is offered in so many different ways! For instance, in the mornings we drop the kids off at nurseries or schools so that they can be taken care of as well as being taught new things. In the afternoons, we drop them off at the sports and social clubs - once again to be taken care of! Without all of this support, the everyday life of many parents would be pretty stressful.

Besides our children, it is also the parents, grandparents, friends and acquaintances who are often dependent on the help of social institutions, for example those who take care of the sick and elderly.

We would like to say a big thank you!

In all of these organizations there is always a reason to celebrate, be it the birthday of an elderly care home resident; a Halloween Party for the Kids' Social Club; or a Summer FĂȘte with everyone! In order to create the perfect atmosphere for every party and to set the right mood, there should be the right party decorations! And because we want to thank all social institutions for their great work, we now offer nurseries, schools, societies, aid organizations, care homes and other social institutions a 10% discount on their purchases from

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